The Ultimate Game of Whodunnit


 "one moment. one picture. one glimpse-- that's all it takes to make someone think they know the truth."
In just 388 pages, Dangerous Girls exudes betrayal and deception, becoming a novel I frequent when in search of a good story. After a third read, I still find new pleasure in its twists.

2017 Resolutions


After years of organizing and outlining as a student, crossing off tasks has become a regular necessity and, somehow, remained a small source of exhilaration. Despite its deja vu, I never tire of the click of a pen and the wobbly line that follows, sealing the accomplishment of a task. Today, while I reviewed my 2016 agenda, I recognized the intense significance I place on setting goals and making strides, even with undertakings as plain as "chem: pre-lab". With this in mind, I look to 2017 as a platform to seek new opportunities and attain new heights. Here are the stars I aim to reach in the new year:

Reading Shapes Life: Guest Post by Jillian @ Jillian's Books


For book lovers around the world, reading continues to shape our experiences. In both early decisions and those made later in life, the perspectives we gain through favorite books can dictate our paths. In this wonderful guest post, one of my closest blog friends, Jillian, explains how reading has affected her experiences as a student in the Philippines.

I've always loved to write. Before I began to write, I loved to read, too. When I was 7, I was convinced that I would be an author someday; I collected notebooks and sketchpads, and I would often use them as mediums to write my fictional stories in.