Disloyal for the Better? Allegiant Trailer and Ascendant Reveal


On September 15, Lionsgate released the first teaser trailer for Allegiant, an upcoming young adult film based on Veronica Roth's Allegiant. Although Allegiant is the last book in the Divergent trilogy, the movie company recently announced that the final installations in the movie adaptation series, however, will be divided into two parts: Allegiant, releasing March 2016, and Ascendant.

With those changes in mind, I approached the trailer, entitled "Beyond the Wall", with caution. As previous experiences have proved, the book is, typically, better than its movie adaptation (I mean, just look at the Percy Jackson series. The movies were horrid). I was generally satisfied with the first Divergent film in terms of movie loyalty and disregarding my opinion of the actual book. But, I was greatly upset by the inaccuracies in its sequel, Insurgent. I felt that the latter's general plot line didn't add up, despite some awe-inspiring effects of a *cringeworthy* magical box that only our divergent heroine Tris could open with her superhero abilities. But I digress. Before watching the trailer, I was already sure that the Allegiant movie would greatly differ from the original story. What I wasn't expecting, on the other hand, was that while I would disagree with some changes, I might see others as disloyal for the better.

Now, as a bookworm, I feel like somewhat of a traitor even considering preferring some edited movie aspects over the original book ones. It's like admitting to unnecessarily walking half a cross country race- the act just seems wrong. The revelation of Allegiant's two part division with different movie titles hints that the film series ending may differ, especially in regards to characters lives' in the epilogue, from the book series. And as a person who was dismayed by the ending of the novel trilogy, I have to say I may be glad for the change. Of course, it depends on the execution of the film and what Tris or other characters may be ascending from, but the parts have promise.

The beginning of the Allegiant trailer presents what is intended to be a short recap for the unfamiliar with the previous installations in the series: Tris is *gasp* divergent and must work with love interest Four and fellow Dauntless to overthrow the faction system that sorts citizens by characteristic, including the intelligent but manipulative Erudite. 

While this action-packed compilation serves to review certain aspects of Allegiant's predecessors, new audiences might be slightly confused about the story line in the dramatic montage.

It seems that Tris and the gang have her world's approval, as opposed to the original story which required them to sneak away, as they dramatically grapple up the side of a wall.

This wall supposedly separates the faction society our protagonists live in. Subsequently, shots featuring a wasteland and the heroes trekking across various terrains are highlighted to showcase what looks to be a long journey. 

Peter and Caleb accompany Tris and her group in this trailer for what looks to be the entire climb, so maybe in the movie their loyalty will not be as muddled as it is in the series.

The heroine also seems devoid of major stress, guilt, or post traumatic stress consequent to her actions and their effects including the deaths of others. In the novels, Roth focuses on Tris's internal struggle for much of Insurgent and Allegiant, but the trailer shows no sign of the protagonist's deeper emotions. Instead, Tris has no trouble engaging in rough combat and sports a gun. 

I can't say I'm very surprised with this news, though- it's what apparently makes the movies more "appealing". 

I think the frisbee-resembling, glowing, and floating disks with bright yellow lights present in this trailer are the equivalent of the magical box in the Insurgent adaptation; readers, including me, are puzzled, unnerved, and partly annoyed by its existence yet somehow still intrigued enough to see what role it will play in the movies. 

The only book element also in the trailer that was over-done was the romance between Tris and Four. The trailer is self-explanatory, but to sum up I think there were more kissing scenes in the trailer than scenes accurate to other parts of the book. 

Presently I'm unsure how the two remaining films will bring the concept full circle. I suppose we'll all have to stay tuned to find out.

Are you planning to see the Allegiant movie? What do you think of the trailer?


  1. I am most definitely going to see Allegiant and I did like the trailer. I do not think that the movie and the book will be exactly the same, but I do love the movies as a whole.

    1. I hope you enjoy the movies, Emily! So far for me they've been 'ok-not-great's.

  2. I actually haven't even seen Insurgent yet. I enjoyed but was left a bit wanting with the Divergent movie and feared how the sequel would be, especially from the ominous changes I had heard about. I actually LOVED the ending to Allegiant with all of my heart and hope to the moon and back that the ending isn't changed in the movie! Movies? Whatever, you know what I mean. I will most definitely see Allegiant, but I do have to watch Insurgent first...

    1. Wow, Erin! I think you're the first reader I've heard who liked the ending of Allegiant (not to call you out, I'm glad you enjoyed it)! Have fun watching both films!

  3. While I loved the Divergent series, I didn't actually like the final book so changes are welcome! No idea how it's going to turn out especially since 2/3 of the trailer was recap but I'll definitely be watching to find out :D

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    1. Agreed, Anna! I'm curious to see what changes will be made.