Phil the Potato and the Infinite TBR: October 2015


Salut, bibliophiles! October has been an incredibly eventful month in both the book blogosphere and day-to-day life. As you read this, I am preparing for the end of cross country season, beginning of the second marking period, and the inevitable cold weather. Thoughts of future reads and bookish discussion ideas cross my mind. I have also officially become obsessed with the word 'palpable'. 

On a different note, I've noticed that the YA book community is slowly readjusting to focus on 2016 debuts, which will be out much sooner than it seems. Meaning that, after a lack of Goodreads activity, it's time to head back, review, and update the infinitely-growing TBR (to-be-read) list. 

Happy Halloween, bookworms!

 Rise, #TeamRed as the dawn. -Joey (Thoughts and Afterthoughts)

The Halloween at Hogwarts gif is especially fitting, since the Hogwarts School of Blogcraft and Booksitry launched this month! My teammates and I, #TeamRed, created this feature to discuss various memorable books and blogging tips- through themed classes! Last week's class was Transfiguration, and up soon will be Potions! I am incredibly excited to be a part of the faculty! Some other October blog highlights include:
  • Acquiring a copy of Rick Riordan's newest release, The Sword of Summer, and discovering that the chapter names are just as hilariously named as in the Percy Jackson series. (My sister could not help pointing out that the 13th chapter was titled "Phil the Potato Meets His Doom".)
    • I also nabbed Vengeance Road and The Martian this month, which I am excited to read.
  • guest reviewed Code Name Verity over at Of Spectacles and Books (Thanks Amanda!)
  • I participated in quite a few Twitter chats! Some I remember are #ASQWW to support 2016 debut Truthwitch and #BHPChat to showcase book bloggers.
    • On the note of Twitter, I was thrilled to see many bloggers 'Halloween-ify' their profile names. Inspired, I changed my own to "Clairvoyant" for the month. November 1st, my profile name will be normalized. 
  • It's Halloween, and I couldn't help myself- I had to do an inspired post. Viola! Here are three bone-chilling books I'd recommend.

Change is Bliss

Change can be a positive thing. It keeps us on our toes and more open-minded. 

Currently, I am in the midst of considering a slight change on the blog. Before anyone worries, no, I am not experimenting with my blog design again (for now). And no, I am not quitting book blogging, leaving for hiatus, etc. etc., as many fear. 

I am changing gears a bit, focusing on bookish discussions that will inspire and invigorate further discussion equally or even more than average reviews. As longer readers of Cover to Cover will recognize, I've also (yes, again) switched up my recap format. I also *may* be planning a blogger-featuring post for New Years, something I have never done before.

Calling All the Readers

If you are a blogger or reader interested in guest posting on Cover to Cover, please fill out this form, shoot me an email at, or message me on Twitter!

Time Flies

Surprise, surprise! Believe it or not, tomorrow kicks off November. I feel like I say this every month, but it's hard to comprehend that another month is on us already. At this rate, 2016 releases may as well be debuting tomorrow! 

Although it sure doesn't feel like it, #BannedBooksWeek to highlight frequently challenged stories was just a few weeks ago. Towards the beginning of the month, I recommended four of my favorite novels that happened to be challenged and banned. 

Tweety Bird

Here are some of my favorite (bookish) tweets of the month: 

What was your October highlight? 


  1. "Palpable" is a wonderful word and very fun to say! I can't wait to see what you will be doing with your blog, Claire! It's always exciting to change things up a bit. Also, I love your new title, "Tweety Bird!" That is so adorable.

    1. Haha, I agree, Erin! "Palpable" and "perpetual". Thank you so much!

  2. I'm so glad that you were able to participate in the #BHPChat! That was our very first one and I look forward to what will come of it every month. I look forward to meeting lots of new people and finding lots of inspiration.

    1. Me too, Sarah! Thanks for hosting!

  3. It sounds like you had a great October! I can't wait to read more of these discussion posts you mention - as much as I love hearing bloggers' thoughts on books, I also enjoy hearing and sharing opinions on various bookish topics. Also: I love the idea of sharing your favorite tweets of the month. Here's to a wonderful November (it's almost time for the holidays and winter break)!

    1. Thank you Emily! I have to agree! I'm planning to bounce back and forth between discussions and reviews, but I'm hoping my discussion-type posts will become more frequent.